The Tessera Oracle

This idea has been on my mind for a very long time, influenced by many different sources.

It started with a real passion for divination - originally oracle readings. That expanded out into runes, and tarot readings, and tea leaf readings and palm readings. 

I realized that one reason I kept expanding out to find different forms and tools is that none of the existing ones were fitting exactly right for me, so I studied the principles of fortune telling and divination across history and applied what I learned to create my own system.

I wanted to create a new way to use divination. Something special, and tactile, and precious. Something that was akin to the Tarot, but very simple and easy to learn, so that more people would experience that connection to their intuition and its power in everyday life.

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Tory Woollcott

Tory created The Tessera Oracle in  2017 after a successful kickstarter campaign. Tory is a classically trained archaeologist, a maker of books, an educator, designer and generally a person who can't sit still based in Toronto, Canada.

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Ange Friesen

Brand strategist, creative consultant and total aquarian. Loves: donuts, dim sum, black and white stripes, loving things. I find wonder everywhere.


Madelaine Charlton

I've been working with small business owners for many years, and bring an operative and administrative expertise to the fold.  I enjoy solving the diverse challenges that businesses encounter. The policies I assist in developing and implementing help maximize time & profits, while building respectful, long-term relationships with employees and customers.



If you have any questions about the Tessera, wholesale inquiries, blogging or anything feel free to drop me a line! ♥

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