The Tessera Oracle
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The Tessera Oracle

The Tessera Oracle is an original and uniquely modern divination system. A set of hard enamel charms, the Tessera Oracle was designed for easy and intuitive fortune telling for every person that touches it.



Each charm of the Tessera Oracle has its own rich symbolism, and is designed to serve as an amulet or talisman – every charm has a hole in the top that can allow it to be worn as jewellery, or tucked into a wallet, to help bring the energy and support of each symbol into your life as you move through the world.




How They Work

The charms are similar to other divination systems - each charm has its own meaning (or meanings), and can be combined with the others in a series of patterns or spreads that can be interpreted in so many ways.

You can also combine the Tessera Oracle with other divination systems and oracle decks, to expand on a reading and explore some of its intricacies.  




What's Next? 

The Tessera Oracle evolves over time. The first set of twelve charms are just the beginning - more Tessera will be added, allowing you to customize your set and create a tool completely your own. You’ll develop a deep understanding of each charm and how it fits into the whole.



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