Learn Divination with the Tessera Oracle: The Speak With Your Heart Spread

I’m so excited to start blogging! This series of posts about learning the Tessera Oracle is going to be about creating and modifying spreads. I’ll be putting out calls for questions on social media and using them as a jumping off point so keep your eyes open!

I’ve been struggling lately with communicating issues with some friends. I don’t want to upset them or seem selfish, but these issues have been making me angry and upset. How should I look at the problems to fix the situation and come out on the other side a happier person, also while avoiding the most pain possible?

I found this question really touching because it’s so clearly coming from a place of love for friends and a desire to be not just heard but truly understood. The struggle of how to balance our own needs and the needs of the people we love is constant, at least for me! Also I received this question during the last few days of mercury retrograde so I can imagine that was helping the situation.

The Speak with your Heart spread is a development from the Greater Heart Spread (which I’ll be posting more about in the next few weeks) but the basic idea of the Greater Heart is bringing people together, and understanding each other. In this case though I don’t think the main issue is understanding others as much as communicating our own needs.

1- The Hourglass: Value time. Be aware of how time is affecting a situation.

2- The Storm: Chaos. An unsettled mind or an unsettled situation.

3- The Sword: Conflict, either with yourself or with others

4- The Lantern: Seeing that which was hidden.

5- The Flower: Growth, blossoming and development.

6- The Rabbit: Take action. Act now or miss your chance.

You need the people around you, your friends, to value your time (the hourglass) . Your need for time is in no way selfish, it is human, both your need for time with people and your need for time with yourself.  

Your friends and by extension you are going through a period of upheaval and chaos (the Storm) , and when a person is in the In the midst of the storm, it is next to impossible to communicate with them, it’s hard to hear of the wind.

Before communication can flow you need to first understand the nature of the conflict (the Sword). Is it anger or frustration? Because I believe they are both there, but I’m sensing a lot of disappointment as well, yourself what your are truly deeply feeling, you are allowed to be angry.

You need to find what the exact root of this problem is (the Lantern), where/when did this blockage began? Once you see that you’ll be able to work around it, that said, don’t fixate on the cause, see it for what it is, use that information and move forward. Don’t be like a moth mistaking a candle for the moon.

You are growing and changing, (the Flower)  and sometimes that growth can be faster than the growth of the people around us, and that even though this is positive can be a challenge to communicate when our growth is at different rates.

But no matter what, the time to act is now (the Rabbit), you have your own burdens and it is never selfish to survive, taking action is difficult and sometimes that action will hurt others, that is the nature of life and survival, it is not selfish to eat, and it is not selfish to remove yourself from a situation that is causing you pain. You can’t help anyone if you don’t help yourself first.

Questions to ask yourself:

How can I communicate my need for time?

How can I express my understanding of their needs and what I am able to give?

What emotions are at play and how can they be used to help?

What have I overlooked?

How would I like this relationship to grow, do I need to water or or do i need to proon ?

What Actions do I need to take?

Tory Woollcott